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Safe, affordable housing is the foundation upon which people can build their best possible lives. When major challenges of health or circumstance are being faced, a safe place to live is paramount. Without worry to this basic human need, more attention can be focused on taking other necessary steps toward a balanced life. Community Connections offers housing supports to homeless individuals and/or families living with mental illness who are in need. Recipients must meet criteria. Please call 814-371-5100 for more information and an application.
Housing First
The Housing First program is a rental assistance program funded by HUD McKinney – Vento funds and administered by the Community Connections. It is designed to provide the opportunity for safe, affordable housing for homeless individuals or families who have a serious mental health disability and/or a co-occurring disability. Applicants will be placed on a waiting list and notified when openings occur. Recipients must meet criteria.
The Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) program provides temporary rental assistance for individuals and families who are experiencing short-term housing crisis. Rental assistance may be used to pay all or a portion of rent currently due, rent that is past due, utility bill with shutoff notice or a security deposit. Recipients must meet criteria.
Northwest Regional Housing Alliance
This project is for the chronically homeless administered by the Lawrence County Community Action Partnership limited slots for Clearfield & Jefferson counties. Program participants will receive assistance in order to avoid any future crisis by actively participating in comprehensive supportive services and case management. Community Connections will submit referrals to Lawrence County Community Action for consideration. The ultimate goal of the program is self-sufficiency. Recipients must meet criteria.
Community Hospitalization Integration Program Project (CHIPP) will purchase a limited amount of housing supplies and furnishings for apartments to be used by consumers. The items to be purchased will be determined by the consumer, the case manager, the case manager supervisor, and/or the housing specialist. Recipients must meet criteria.

Crisis Services can be reached
24 hours a day / 7 days a week by calling