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The Clearfield-Jefferson Mental Health/Mental Retardation Program has changed our name to Community Connections of Clearfield/Jefferson Counties. The name Community Connections is fitting because we help individuals in our community connect with the services they need when they need them, within our community and without stigma. The name change also coincides with the movement to replace the term Mental Retardation (MR) with Intellectual Disability (ID). Community Connections remains focused on the empowerment and transformation to a recovery based system of care.

Clearfield/Jefferson Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline


Available 24 hours.

Behavioral Health

The mission of the Behavioral Health Department of Community Connections is to ensure exceptional supports are available in our counties. Read More...

Intellectual Disabilities

The mission of the Intellectual Disabilities Department is to create, promote and enhance the services and supports available to individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. Read More...

Early Intervention

The Early Intervention (EI) Program provides services to children from birth through three years of age who have special needs due to developmental delays or disabilities. Read More...


January 12, 2022


Wednesday January 12, 2022 – 12:00 Noon
**Board members please attend via teleconference line: 1-800-873-9422   Code #42564 
OR in-person with mask.
I.               Call to Order
II.             Public Comment
III.           Previous Minutes – October 13, 2021 Meeting (Voting Item)
IV.           Staff Reports
A.    Behavioral Health Report
B.    Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Report
V.             New Business
VI.           Old Business
VII.         Adjournment